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"Valerie has an amazing talent for helping students highlight their achievements and accomplishments.  She is very enthusiastic in all aspects of her life and especially with helping young people find their best self and promote themselves to colleges, interviewers, and others. 


"She very patiently works with students to help them communicate their strengths with others via essay writing and interviewing.  She was very instrumental in helping both of my kids achieve their college admission goals, which helped me a lot as well.  I highly recommend Valerie Bynum."

Julie P.- Parent

Duke and USC

"Through my interview prep experience with Ms. Bynum, I learned to articulate my responses in a clear and professional fashion. Previous to this experience, I had not done any interviews and struggled with public speaking and confidence. However, during the process Ms. Bynum was both encouraging and friendly, which helped bring me out of my comfort zone.


"By practicing mock interview scenarios, I slowly became more confident in my answers and myself. In addition to all this, I was able to further delve into my interests, summarize my thoughts, and learn to give thoughtful and concise responses. My interview was last week and it was amazing! I am so grateful for her help and assistance in this process."

Annika - Student

"Before I talked to Mrs. Bynum, I thought my chances of going to college were very low, but Mrs. Bynum helped me every step of the way.  Being a first-generation US college student, I had no clue where to start. Mrs. Bynum sat beside me and helped me fill out my FAFSA application and made sure everything was done correctly.


"She also helped me with over 10 essays, and throughout the whole process she remained patient. I started out not knowing a single thing about the college application process and by the end I was helping my classmates with their applications and teaching them about financial aid.

"With Mrs. Bynum as my guide, I have gotten accepted into renowned universities all over the US (including Clemson) with only slightly above average GPA and SAT scores. I can honestly say I owe it to Mrs. Bynum that I am going to college. If you are looking for a best college admissions counselor, stop searching because you’re not going to find them if you overlook Valerie Bynum."

Tim - Student


"Ms. Valerie Bynum was the best counselor for interview practice I’ve had. I’m experienced in public speaking from many of my extracurriculars at Exeter, but she was able to find many areas for improvement. By the time I was in my actual interviews, I felt so confident, and my interview went like a fluid conversation in daily life--no nerves, no anxiety.


"I have had other help for interviews, but nobody compares to Ms. Bynum. I wish I had found her earlier so that my previous interviews could have been as stellar as they were after getting help from Valerie.”

Richard - Student


"Before my college interview in the Early Decision application process, my college counselor referred me to Valerie, who helped me with all the preparation. I once felt that the college interview might be strict and I was quite nervous, but Valerie’s preparation session solved all my problems, made my worry disappear and gave me confidence. I later had a very pleasant and friendly conversation with the interviewer. 

"I really appreciate Valerie’s way of helping me prepare. She told me to first talk about a particular question, and she took notes of all the information I covered. After I finished answering, she repeated my response and made suggestions for improvement.

"This is a very effective approach because by carefully comparing Valerie’s performance and mine, I got a clear and complete view about how to improve. Her smile, passion and tone impressed me. During my later interview preparation, I greatly improved my performance." 

Tanya - Student


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