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Confident U - Two one-hour coaching sessions– Basic interview concepts, discovery of strengths/weaknesses, conversation techniques, word crafting based on your resume, specific verbal coaching feedback – follow up suggestions for improvement. 

Unique U - Leverage your strengths, refine your skills or take a deeper dive into a specific school, industry or soft-skill area.  This package includes interview techniques, multiple video reviews, release of specific coaching notes used during session.  

Additional sessions are available at an hourly rate after a package (Confident U or Unique U) is purchased.  Perfect for Grad School, Med School or school specific opportunities.

  • Two (one hour) Individual Coaching Sessions $299
    2 hr
    299 US dollars
  • Three (one hour) Individual Coaching Sessions $499
    3 hr
    499 US dollars
  • Refine your skills for a specific audience.
    1 hr
    125 US dollars
Confident U
Unique U
Additional Sessions
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